It's that time of year again! The 12 x 12  fundraiser is back for its 5th year in a row! We've swept the dust off the numbers board and with your help, we're ready to make this year the biggest yet. 

In case this is your first 12 x 12 experience, or you need just a quick refresher, here's how the fundraiser works: We post the number 1 - 144 on a board in Haiti and virtually (right here on the this page) and you help us bring the numbers down by donating in increments of $1 - $144. When all the numbers are accounted for, we'll have raised $10,144! Every little bit counts and it all happens in just one dayIt's a fundraising marathon in the truest sense of the word, but at least we don't have to run it alone. This, like all of our fundraisers, is a team effort. And $10,144 is enough to support 6 families through our program. So will you help us clear the board and hit our target? To receive live updates and get involved in the fun join our 12 x 12 Facebook event, follow us on Facebook, and Instagram. We want to hear the story behind the numbers you choose to donate!

Now is your chance to get involved in this fun, easy and one-day fundraiser. 

There are many ways to get involved in this fundraiser. Over the last 4 years people have chosen numbers of significance to them and then shared those numbers and the story behind them on our Facebook page. We love getting to know the stories behind the numbers. You could choose the ages of your kids, your anniversary date or your birthday. All you have to do is

1. choose the numbers,

2. add them together and

3. then donate that amount! 

12+16+21= $49.

Alternatively you can choose an amount you wish to donate and choose numbers that add up to that amount, $150= 144+4+2.

Be sure to write the numbers you have chosen in the comments field on the donate page so that we can take those numbers down from the board. The fundraiser will run from Sunday, August 6 -Monday, August 7th. You can donate early to make sure you don't miss your numbers.