thoughts from Jenn

While in NM we had some great conversations with Wes and Tonya about faith, vision, and action. Before we left Wes flooded my iPod with some of his favorite Podcasts and gave us a list of his favorite sermons to look forward to.

To be honest, it’s hard for me to agree to listen to sermons on a road trip because I tend to get sleepy. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure I have overactive bladder disease (undiagnosed) and bathroom breaks every 30 minutes can make a sermon series a bit choppy. Much to my surprise, while listening to the energizing words of Steven Furtick not only did I not become sleepy, four hours later I still hadn't stopped to use the bathroom. In fact it was Amy begging me to stop to use the restroom.

In one particular sermon he spoke about how the enemy can use discouragement to slow down or stop what God is trying to do through you. This particular set of sermons hit home to me since this is exactly what we have and will continue to face as we start a new ministry.

Furtick says:

“the enemy is always going to plant a 'why bother' in the face of your 'it’s possible.'”

Why bother?

You have a lot of money to raise. Why bother?
This is a huge project for two girls. Why bother?
It's going to take years before this even gets off the ground. Why bother?
You are so young. Why bother?
Wouldn't you rather just get married? Why bother?

“I think so many people get their dreams chopped off at the neck when they are told why bother.”

I know people think we are crazy. But, what if God put this vision in our hearts…
Even I sometimes tend to laugh at our own vision because I too think we are crazy.
I know this is a BIG dream, but I also know we have a BIG God.

I know we are on the right track since I am believing God for something that is bigger than myself, a vision so big it causes some to laugh and cast their doubts. But if we can push aside the why bother statements and our own doubts and fears, all that's left is a really BIG God and a couple of servants that are ready to make this happen.

“If nobody has laughed at the size of your vision lately then you might not have a vision... you may have a daydream. I want to have a vision so big from God that people laugh when they hear about it. ” Steven Furtick