Where we at!

This seems to be the big question. So if you're not in Haiti, where are you?!

Well we arrived in the States two weeks ago today.

I've since spent quality time with my closest college friends in Los Angeles, attended the most beautiful wedding (love you Leah and Armen) in San Diego, got encouraged by visiting some of my APU professors, and went "home" for five fun-filled days with my high school bestie and her husband. Jenn got to chill with some quality friends at Pepperdine. We even had a few days of R & R. Much needed.

I'm writing from the Warnock's home in Morgan Hill which also feels like "home." It would be impossible to recount the number of hours I have spent in this house; church potlucks, play dates as a little girl, youth group nights as a high schooler, car pool pick-up in their drive-way, and even my own baptism in their pool. They opened their spare bed room to me for a few days which gives me the opportunity to reconnect with various people from Westhills Community Church; my church home for eighteen years.

This morning I attended Westhill's worship service. It was great to see familiar faces. Six years has a way of turning the "babies" I once babysat into mature students. I love where this church is at and where they're headed.

It was a privilege to be present for this evening's festivities: a send-off barbeque for the Well's, a missionary family in Cambodia. The potluck dinner was fabulous and the company was enriching.

This trip has been very unplanned which is usually the way I roll. Keeping plans at a minimum has its benefits. I would hate for my agenda to get in the way of God's divine way of connecting people. I wasn't sure if I was going to stay in the area long enough to attend this gathering.

I'm really glad I did.

I enjoyed many really engaging conversations tonight. It's natural for me to be incredibly passionate about Haiti and this effort but when others latch-on to that excitement, now that's energizing!

These next few months are going to be one fun adventure.

Now we can't forget about Jenn! Jenn got to spend the week in Texas with family and friends. At this very moment she's in route to Oklahoma where she will intersect Wes and Tonya and join them for the drive back to their home in Hobbs, NM. If all goes well I will meet up with them Monday. A team huddle is in order.

Thanks to everyone I chatted with tonight. I look forward to the next time we meet!