They blessed me

They understand.

Maybe they "get it" more than we do.

I remember one day when during their daily time of worship, I was asked to preach or to say a couple words. I remember citing 1 Cor 13. "Love is patient and kind, love does not envy or boast..." After I read it I told them to replace 'love' with 'God' and to reread the passage. I explained how in is this description of Love we see the nature of God. I prayed for them and then asked if one of the ladies would also pray.

As I listened, these ladies were actually praying for the opportunity to live another day. It was mind blowing to me. I was convicted because even as these ladies were praying my mind was drifting every which way. I was thinking about relationships with people I work with, when my next day off would be, or when I would get rid of a nagging cold. Never have I prayed to live another day.

These people are trusting in God's sovereignty just to get through another day. I realized these ladies have a far greater intimacy with our father than I have experienced in my life.

God used people that were more visibly broken than I, to teach me about my own brokenness. They blessed me.

I say this all because people are always telling me what Haiti needs is a little more God. Sometimes, I even hear people say that Haitians are poor because they are less spiritual than the rest of us.

This upsets me to the core. I have to refrain from shaking people and raising my voice!

-I have been to a church in Cap Haitien where thousands and thousands attend several times a week. They stand outside in the scorching heat without food and water. I have listened to these people praise God for hours!
-Not a week goes by that I am not invited to church, numerous times in fact.
-I have had Haitians pray over me what feels like hundreds of times.
-I can retell countless stories of individuals who have had unfaltering faith through life's toughest trials.

The greatest lesson I have learned is the value of a thankful heart. These people are thankful for everything underneath the sun. You hear it as they pray. Thank you God that you allowed us to arrive here without harm. Thank you God for protecting my children as they are at home and I am here at work. Thank you God for the rice and chicken that we were able to eat today. Thank you for the rain that has watered our land...several minutes go by before they even begin to slow down.

I want to know what it's like to be thankful for everything under the sun.