And we're off...

Well, it's been an eventful three weeks in Tucson, AZ. We have had the opportunity to meet some really awesome people, fostering some potential partnerships with Second Mile!

We just want to thank everyone for your words of wisdom, prayers, and donations. Thank you for putting your trust in Amy and I and especially your trust in what Second Mile will become.

In the next couple weeks we will be crazy busy traveling to different places in the United States. If you are in any of these areas we would love to meet up with you! Also, if you know of someone we should connect with in any of these places, let us know. And if we aren't coming to your town, yet you'd be interested in hosting us at your home church we'd love to hear from you.

Nov 17th-22nd -Bay Area/Silicon Valley, CA San Francisco, San Jose, Morgan Hill (Amy)

Nov 17th-20th - Hobbs, NM (Jenn)

Nov 20th-26th-Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (Jenn, with Amy joining later in the week)

Nov 26th-Dec 2nd -Knoxville, TN (Jenn and Amy)

Dec 3rd-Dec 5th - Blue Ridge, North Carolina (Jenn and Amy)

We also want to use this post to announce that through your donations we have raised enough money to purchase a vehicle for Haiti. Our hopes are to find a truck somewhere in Tennessee or North Carolina and then head to Florida by way of Georgia. We have learned quickly that we're not operating according to our own plans, rather we're on a divine path and we don't always know the next turn. We're very aware that these dates aren't set in stone! I was told recently that there is something wrong when God is your co-pilot. We don't want that!

We are also still very open to that fact that someone may have a truck they would like to donate to Second Mile! Feel free to contact us if that is the case. :)

As we have mentioned in previous posts our next fundraising goal is to raise enough money to purchase a plot of land in Haiti. This will be the site of our House of Hope for the mothers and sick infants. This will also be where Amy and I live after a portion of the building project is complete. Based upon visiting potential sites and speaking with land owners before leaving Haiti, we've set a goal of $10,000. Please spread the word if you know of others that would be interested in contributing to this mission.

And now for the boring portion of our status update. We are still plugging away at the non-profit paperwork in hopes of becoming a registered 501(c)(3) organization within the next few months. Oh, and our website is almost complete.

Well we can't really conclude a 'where we at' post without briefly mentioning where we've been. While in Tennessee this last week I got to meet with some incredible people, you know who you are. Thank you for being such an encouragement to me. I also want to give a shout out to Aunt Patty and Uncle Mike, Rivaldo's great aunt and uncle. It was an absolute privilege to meet these kind souls and enjoy their hospitality. Aunt Patty connected me with her church High Praises in Maryville, Tennessee. On a moments notice the pastor invited me to share a few words about Second Mile and an offering was collected. I was so amazed by this church's generous giving and words of blessing. God has been bringing some truly amazing people into our lives!

Thanks again everyone!