When doing the impossible, Life is full of miracles.

When you are a part of something that simply can't be carried out by your own strength you will see miracles. When you are doing something that simply can't be done without the power of Christ in you, you'll see 'em- all the time! You just will. I was thinking about this as I was running today.

I used to be able to run long distances. I think fondly of the days when running 6 miles was just "taking it easy" and I'd finish an hour long run without breaking a sweat. But ever since I returned from Haiti this October I've been experiencing the limitations of asthma, a condition I thought I'd outgrown years ago. Now, although I'd like to run longer, after a mile or two the wheezing kicks in. I'm compelled to stop, to focus on just breathing. I took today's asthma invasion in stride, grateful for the reminder that I do have limitations and struck by the truth that in my weakness He is strong.

It's not common to welcome one's weaknesses. Rather, we try to hide them or even hide from them. But embrace your weaknesses for what they are: a gentle yet poignant reminder that all power and glory is found in Christ.

"My grace is sufficient for you" He says, "for power is perfected in weakness."
(2 Corinthians 12:9).

So let me get this straight, God.

My weakness a) allows me to see, in comparison, just how awesome and mighty you are, b) causes me to slip and fall only to experience your grace and love as you lift me up again, and c) allows me to live an EXTRAORDINARY life because of your power in me??

Okay, I'll take 'em.

I think about our current undertaking. If we would have viewed our weaknesses any other way we'd have given up already. But how happy we are to be in a place where we get to experience God's power on a daily basis. Jenn and I are building this project from the ground up. We're starting from nothing. We don't have the credentials. We don't have a nice nest egg to work with. Our bank accounts are scrappy. We're relying solely on God to bring this to pass; to connect us to people who know people who know some other people.

And because of our weakness he brings others with specific strengths, unique skills and the know-how to advance this vision...

...Writers, planners, teachers, friends, pastors, web designers, videographers, encouragers, photographers, senders, supporters, connecters, builders, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, you name it, will all get to be a part of this plan that God is masterfully coordinating behind the scenes and sometime so not-behind-the-scenes that it makes my eyes water. I get excited when I think of all the different people who will play a part in Second Mile Ministries both in Haiti and in the States.

It's so obvious. When something awesome happens, something we couldn't have even dreamed up ourselves on our most clever of days, I know that God is at work and we've witnessed a miracle.

I hope you're experiencing miracles in your life.