Helpful Tips

Welcome to Web Week everyone! In our last week and a half before heading back to Haiti we wanted to focus on our communication through the wonderful, and sometime all-encompassing World Wide Web. If you're like us, you probably find this social media thing is tricky. But hopefully these tips will help make things a little easier. 

Email Notifications for the Blog:
We wanted to make sure you have the opportunity to be notified each time we post something new to our blog. This is a new feature we just added today! To the left of this post just enter your email address where you see "Follow by email."

And/Or if you're already a Blogger user you can choose to "Join this Site." Even if you have no idea what I'm talking about you can still choose to join this site and have your picture displayed over there on the left if you have a Gmail or a Yahoo email account. Just make sure you also sign up to follow by email so that you don't miss a post. 

Monthly newsletter:
This is an easy one. Head to our website,, and enter your email address way up there in the right hand corner. You'll get a digital copy of our newsletter right there in your inbox each month. :) 

Big time Facebook user? 
We've got good news. Log in to Facebook and find our page by searching for Second Mile Ministries or, head to our website, and click the Facebook icon on the home page. 
"Like" our Facebook page and you'll receive Second Mile Ministries updates in your newsfeed. Phewww. 

Addicted to Twitter. 
I hate to say it, but we're not. Not yet anyway.. but we hope to be in the future. Still, you can follow us on Twitter and we'll try to entertain ya'll with a tweet from time to time. 

Post and Re-post! 
We've made it easy for you to tell your friends... on just about every page on our website you can choose to Share the content by clicking one of these icons. It's easy to post to Facebook, Twitter, or to email your friends!