give away a little love

It’s hard to keep people in the loop when we aren’t even sure what’s going on. We do know that God has been very evident in our decision-making. We have spent a great deal of time looking at several different properties. There was one property that we were sure we were going to buy. So sure that we told everyone how much money we needed for that particular property. One day I was out at the land and suddenly I could no longer picture us living there. I had an overwhelming feeling that this land wouldn’t be ours.

I think it’s important that everyone sees the error in my thinking.

I’ll say it again.

…..this land wouldn’t be ours.

That may very well be the problem with NGO’s, organizations, and businesses in Haiti. Everything has to be our idea, our land, our people, our donors, our resources, and especially our contacts.

I’m no Saint, and I have may have drifted into this “ours concept” once or twice. Okay, maybe more than that.

The reason we have been super quiet the last week is that we have been working out a partnership with another organization. They approached us and said Hey we love what you guys are doing and we think we can help each other. They were just starting to set up on a large piece of land and offered to share some of their space with us. None of this land is ours, but God’s. We would love to share God’s land. Isn’t that beautiful?

I like the sound of “this is God’s land.” 

This organization would be helpful in conducting the training seminars we had hoped to offer. We could share gardens and water and other resources…maybe even cows. We could run mobile clinics together... and just plain work together. They also already have a strong business education curriculum. What’s so awesome is that we don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Just a side note: I hadn't heard the phrase “re-invent the wheel,” and Amy tried to tell me that everyone uses it. I argued, and a week later a Haitian used the phrase. Amy 1, Jenn 0.

What I’m trying to say is that this organization has been active in several different countries and is very knowledgeable in micro-finance loans, business ventures, and running education seminars. You know, kind of like the phrase. Been there, done that.

Yesterday, I went and visited the property and spoke with the contractor. His name is Maurice. Maurice is a big guy with an even bigger heart. He’s from Canada and has spent the last 7 years traveling the world. He has set up orphanages, special needs facilities, playgrounds, farming programs, and training facilities for welding and all sorts of other trades…I could go on forever.  Let’s say the guy is experienced and knows his stuff.

He said a couple things that clicked with me.

“Everyone here just needs to get their heads out of their asses and realize we are here for the same purpose, and that purpose is love.”

“You are here to do whatever you can, whenever you can, however you can, for whoever you can, for as long as you can.”

“People need to understand that God didn’t give us money so that it can collect dust in a bank, he gives it so we can give it. If you want more money then try giving it away.”

“Money is like love, it’s no good unless you give it away.”

I think this guy would make an excellent neighbor don’t you?

I also asked if he would go back to the States and fundraise for us. He just laughed. Maybe he didn’t realize I was serious.

Okay are you guys ready for the BEAUTY and IRONY of God’s work?

I looked at a piece of land last week, and loved it. When I came home I told Amy we needed to buy it. It was pretty expensive but I saw right past that. A few days later we checked it out and someone said white people bought the land right next door. We were a little disappointed.

Then a couple days later our friend we met in Port au Prince called us and said he wasn’t sure why he hadn’t thought of this before but he had some land that might be perfect for us. Sure enough, he was a member of the group that had bought the land. A week earlier Amy had mentioned we needed to really partner with this organization because they were doing some really good things. BAM. God heard that a week ago, and probably said don’t worry I already have it in the works.

God is good like that.

Let’s be honest, God is really good.

So we don't know yet if it will work out for us to live next to them, but we sure know we our going to make great partners. Today I ask that everyone please join us in praying for this coming week, for our partnership, and for the potential “sharing of God’s land.”