A Hopeful Sunday

A day in pictures. 

Sundays are fun days. You never quite know what the day will hold. 
This Sunday we spent the majority of our day in town. We'll let the pictures do most of the talkin'. 

Sunday morning at the bakery. Five girls in matching uniforms pool their coins to buy some treats. Adorable. 

Afternoon church... bring your own chair. :)

Town's usually pretty quiet on a Sunday. But you will find a few die hard vendors. Jenn's wardrobe was lacking so we decided to take a gamble at the clothing market.
The clothing market is like the ultimate garage sale. Except Haiti's not big on cars, therefore no garages.

Thus far Jenn's done a great job managing with just one pair of jeans and two skirts. But now one of her skirts is torn. The other is splattered with bleach stains. The jeans have a rather immodest hole.
With a few earnest helpers she was able to find an almost-new skirt and a second-hand pair of jeans. 

Try as she did, this little lady was unable to convince Jenn to purchase this here shirt. 
Maybe next time. 

Did we mention Jenn has a little side job? ;)

She set off to buy some snacks for our little friend's birthday and the next thing I know she's manning the stand. 

The snacks turned out to be a huge hit with this two year old.

We however weren't...

She warmed up to us eventually and even started to share. 

The birthday girl's siblings were present for the party fun.
Junissa - age 5

Klevens - age 6, Jenn - age 23...oh wait. 

Even though Anaelle can play a good game of hard-to-get she's all smiles when with her Mama.

It's no wonder these chidren have such beautiful smiles. Look at their mom!

Dorothy's a dear friend. She washes clothes to provide for her family. Her cousin helps watch the kiddos while she washes. She was attempting to braid the birthday girl's hair when we arrived. Attempting... 

Lots of hope in this here family.

We hope you enjoyed your Sunday too.
Hoping for awesome internet and good news to share in the coming week.