and... we're back.

I had to do it. I had to bite the bullet and check how long it had been since our last blog post.

...5 weeks...(shudder). 

It’s dangerous, or should I say deadly, to pass the 4 week mark. Let two weeks slip by and there is still room for redemption but four weeks... With each day it becomes harder and harder to hit the keyboard. I’ve seen one too many blogs forever abandoned after the 4 week mark. Sad, sorry fate. 

I’m here to announce that Second Mile Ministries is alive and well and this blog ain’t goin’ nowhere. Thus, we’re back! 

We have so much going on right now, it’s ridiculous! In a good way.  

Remember that little fundraising/connecting trip that Jenn did last month? She checked in a few times while on the move but of course, we’ve haven’t written since. The purpose of that trip was to connect with supporters; past, present, and future. So many different people were praying for us during this time and as a result we were able to really see God moving both here in Haiti and in the States. Somehow we were only shy of our goal by a few thousand dollars. It literally gave me the chills as I sat here in Haiti waiting till 2 or 3 in the morning until Jenn could get online and give me the updates. Our goal was $30,000. That may seem like a small sum to some but whoa baby that is HUGE for us! 

There’s a billboard in town that I find myself reading out loud every time I pass. It reads “Tipa, Tipa Nap Advanse.” Tipa, Tipa... You have to admit that just sounds cool. Read it out loud again. I dare you not to get addicted. 

I love it for multiple reasons. The billboard is sort of a beacon of hope for folks in Northern Haiti. It’s declaring that over the next few years thousands of jobs will be available. They are building an industrial park just 30 minutes outside of Cap Haitien. It’s a pretty big deal because, well... it’s actually happening. 

It’s not every day that a promise like this one actually makes it way into reality. 

The image on the billboard is something that resembles a bar graph showing the project’s progress. Translated it reads, “little step, by little step, we are moving forward.” 

Great imagery. Great perspective. And so applicable to where we are at as well. 

The beauty of being such a itty bitty organization is that every “tipa” is so apparent. 

Little advancements occur daily. Right now we’re rolling beads, making blocks, fencing gardens, and finishing our first building. We have some new partners, new employees, and several new families that have found their way into our hearts. To put it simply, we have news. We’ll try to update more often. :)

Thanks for your prayers, your money, and your love. We’re humbled that you’ve chosen to trust us and that you continue to come back and see our mighty God at work. 

bead making in full swing

view from the roof of the clinic

Jenn and her best friend, and the new fence!