cement bags + scratch paper = masterpiece.

jenn here.  i've posted a fair amount of “i love my life" statuses recently. this post should have a similar feel.  

i wake up and fall asleep excited about where i am at and the things i get to be involved in on a daily basis. 

my life is fun, and fulfilling, and God is right there in it. i couldn’t be happier. 

we’re building again. i know at least a few people who would be happy to know that the guys are back in action. 

we have a great team. i think they are really starting to get me and my penny pinching ways. for example, we needed to pick up cement today. 15 bags to be exact. dadou mentioned that he would swing buy to pick up the truck to haul the cement out  to the land. i stopped him. and i could tell that he immediately knew why. moto. not truck. the $3.50 it would cost to deliver the cement to the land by moto is less than the cost of diesel to get the truck out to the land and back. every little bit counts and they know i care about these things. these guys have gone the extra mile with these projects. they deserve   a blog post just to say how great they are. but that's not exactly where i am going with this one.. 

this is where we will stay. nice and simple. that's the bathroom and the kitchen. and that's hilary clinton. well it's the plane she flew in to Cap Haitien this afternoon. i actually dressed up just in case i got to meet her...maybe next time. 


i love to be at the land. i see God there more than any other place. it's amazing to stand on the roof of either building and see the expanse of land that has so much promise. it's crazy to sit off to the side under the shade and watch the work happen. i'm a human working with a whole bunch of other error prone humans. we could have screwed this up in so many different levels along the way. but God's in control and he hasn't let that happen. with each bit of progress i am blown away by just how perfectly the pieces fit together. 

our God is perfect. and he's a beautiful artist. 

i also just love the building process. 

for me it's numbers and calculations and spreadsheets. 
and it all starts on the inside of a bag of cement (yea, we recycle). then it gets official in my notebook and even more official in my google doc (i have a thing for functions)

for amy it's about sketching and doodling apparently. 

actually, the only thing we had in terms of official plans was this here little sketch. and it turned into the clinic. 

after that we mostly just got down to business with tape measures, and levels, and string to mark things out. 
we had to laugh at ourselves the day we took this little drawing to the land to lay the foundation for the mom and baby homes... but everything worked out. oh so perfectly. 

these are some of the things that make up my days here... getting supplies, calculating costs, making decisions about the building and hanging out with the workers. and i think that's why i am so happy. in all these things i get to be blown away by God's greatness. i get to see him work in the lives of the guys that come to work each day. i get to see him provide. and i get to see his glory when i sit back and take it all in. it's about Him.