Week 3 - September 29, 2017

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A contract was agreed for the foundations of Phase 1, and foundation digging is complete. Meanwhile the other team of workers are moving forward quickly with the perimeter wall. Site has been very busy and it has been exciting seeing the overall layout take shape. We expect to have Phase 1 finished up to floor level including a concrete slab in under four weeks from now.

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Successes Red.jpg

• The excavations for the Prenatal clinic are nearly complete and the reinforcement bar cages are well underway.

• The foundations for the perimeter wall has been cast, and the masons are fast building up the wall.

• Over 40 people have been on site every day, and there is a really buzz around the site, with the builders from the local community getting on well with the new contractor managing the clinic.

• We are continuing to document the project with a drone which is allowing a great overview of the fast growth of the site.

Challenges red.jpg

• The initial survey we did of the site was fairly approximate, so adapting the masterplan so that we can maintain the trees and do not have buildings too close to the external wall is taking some time.

Week ahead.jpg

• Keep pushing progress on the perimeter wall, plant a line of cacti at the back of the site, and design the front gate.


• Pour all the concrete foundations for the prenatal clinic, and order the blocks to start on the walls.


• Agree on the final costs for total construction of the Prenatal, and use to update estimated costs for subsequent phases.

• Mark out the education centre.