First Steps

One of our first steps as an organization will be to purchase a vehicle. In light of frequent rain storms which render Haiti's roads practically unpassable and our need to transport supplies and the occasional load of friendly church goers, a 4-wheel drive pick-up truck will be vehicle of choice. Toyota models are desirable due to the availability of Toyota parts in-country.

We hope to purchase a used truck in or around Florida as the vehicle will then be shipped via boat to Haiti. However, driving the vehicle to Florida is an option if someone outside the area has such a vehicle for sale, or for gift.

A diesel powered truck is ideal. But gas powered models aren't out of the question.

(photo by Jaclyn Visbeen)

Once this goal is achieved, the search for land will continue with ease and the transportation of building materials to the perspective site can begin!

If you would like to donate specifically for the purchase of a vehicle, please do so here.