Hanging out with Haiti Babi

Last week we had the privilege of hosting Katlin Jackson, founder of Haiti Babi. She came to check on her ‘baby.’ This organization and the concept to keep families together by teaching moms the skills of knitting and crocheting is her brain child. Over the past year, she and Kari Davidson, another young woman with an entrepreneurial spirit and amazing creative prowess have been working on this social enterprise start-up. They’re like us. And we like them. And we love the women they’ve chosen to employ. 

It’s a pleasure to be their on the ground partner and do what we can to help this organization grow.
For the past 2 months we’ve been housing Haiti Babi operations in our spare/volunteer apartment. Every morning three exceptionally sweet mamas mount the steep hill that leads to our home. They arrive with beads of sweat the size of gum drops sliding down their smiling faces and looks that say, “I’m ready.” They knew nothing of crochet before they were trained in the art this August. And now? Now we watch their growing confidence as they simultaneously create blankets for someone else’s babies and futures for their own.

We'll post about these women from time to time and soon you'll be able to purchase their handi-work.
Until then, follow their adventure on facebook!  We're stoked.

The Haiti Babi moms at work!