Jenn’s Number Post

I have been crunching numbers the last couple hours...well let’s be honest I’m always crunching numbers. I think the problem for me is trying to crunch the numbers in a way where people can understand my mind. It’s not easy...I think even Amy has a hard time.

So summary:

Buildings are finished for now. 

My favorite bank tellers only see my twice a month these days.

What do these statements mean? That monthly expenses are a whole lot lower then they used to be. :) 

In March 2013, we spent roughly $35,318.00. Yeah I know, roughly..

This month on the 18th day, our expenses have reached a whopping $2,911.83 (that's nothing!).
We are predicted to end the month with close to $6,000 in expenses in Haiti. 
And $3,600 of the $6,000 will be going into our employees hands in the form of their monthly salaries.

Want to know some cool facts:

Right now we have 703 people who like us on facebook. If each person donated $8.52 that would add up to $6,000.
In other words, our predicted monthly expenses could be covered if every person who likes our Facebook page gave just  $8.50. 

Last night I asked for donations. It's not my favorite thing to do, but I did it. 
We had $1,180 come in. That’s almost 20% of our monthly budget for June.

Right now, we have 23 people who have committed to partner with us with a monthly donation.The number varies but that’s around $2,420-$2,620 coming in each month. 

I say all of these numbers not to intimidate you, but instead to encourage you. You make a difference in our organization when you become a financial partner. 

So maybe this encourages you to be a monthly donor. Great! Maybe soon our number will increase to 50 people committed to partnering with us each and every month.

Maybe, just maybe it encourages you to give a one-time donation...

Donate a sum and then figure out the percentage of the monthly budget you covered for us this month. You might be surprised.

Maybe, maybe, maybe... you decide to cover our $6,000 this month. If this happens, know that you paid for 13 salaries, paid for the stay for 3 moms and babies, covered all food expenses for mom/babies, and allowed us to keep our truck and generator running. Kind of neat when you put it that way, eh?

Well since this is a post directed towards money I figure its my chance to put it all out on the table. Want to know to some future items you can purchase that aren’t included in our monthly budgeted? These are things we can only do/buy when we find people who want to specifically donate to these projects.

Of course you do!

Second Mile is always looking to purchase goats. We want as many as possible. See this post for more about why goats matter. 

Goat: $60/goat

(now doesn't this little guy make you want to purchase one)

In a month and a half we are going to have so much corn we aren’t going to know what to do with it. That’s a lie. We know exactly what to do. We will buy a corn grinder, grind the corn into corn meal, cook with it and sell it.

Corn grinder: $2,528

(this was last month's corn stalks...add another 4 feet to them now)

Luckily, we are right in the middle of rainy season. But, we need to be prepared for when we aren’t in rainy season anymore. We need to start planning to put a well in our back property and set up an irrigation system.

Well+Irrigation system: $2,100

Cows, cows, and more cows. Second Mile uses the milk from the cows to make formula and then turns around and sells the unused milk to milk buyers. ;) 

A cow that produces 4-5 gallons a day: $800-$1000
We would like to purchase up to 4 more.

Second Mile is looking to rent two different properties in the near future. One of the properties will solely be for our goats and cows to graze.

Rental cost: $300/year. Crazy huh?

(they obviously need more grazing land)

The other property is right behind our land. This property is going to be used to focus on cultivating more beans, corn, and other vegetables. This will really help get us closer to the end result of being self-sustainable.

Rental cost: $2,500 for 5 years

(the employees shelling beans from the gardens)

And lastly..maybe you are obsessed about moms and babies, and all you can think about is supporting moms and babies. That's fine too!
Donate $150/month and you will cover a mom’s stay. This includes food, housing, goat, and plants she will take with when she leaves the program.

Okay, I promise I will not write another post like this for at least a month and a half. I hope when you see a post written by Jenn you won’t look away because you assume I’m asking for money. I am only here to keep you informed and to continue to crunch the numbers. I mean someone has to have that job right?

For all your donating needs, visit our online donation site or email me with any questions!