Three Moms' Stories

At the Second Mile Treatment Center, we receive all types of caregivers: aunts, dads, grandmothers, cousins, and other family members who keep and care for children who are recovering from malnutrition. In celebration of the Strong Start Maternity Center starting to host births this month, we want to focus in on mothers.

Last year, 83% of the caregivers at the recovery center were moms. These are women fighting for their children. They excelled in the program and made incredible steps to absorb all of the education and opportunity given to them. They left the center ready and excited to keep and care for their kids. These are the stories of three of these superhero moms.

Mom 1: Meet 27-year-old Rosenie. She and her daughter, Fabiola, came to the center after spending eight days in the hospital because Fabiola was severely malnourished. Rosenie has four children of her own but cares for a total of seven. When she came to the center, she had only finished one year of school, meaning that she never had the opportunity to learn to read and write.

During their stay, Rosenie learned a lot, asked questions, and played the primary part in her daughter's recovery. When they left to go home, Fabiola had gained four pounds and Rosenie scored a 96% on her exit exam, a 67% increase from her initial score!

"She didn't walk, now he walks. She wasn't developing, now she has made a lot of progress. She used to cry, now she plays and smiles." 

Fabiola and Rosenie received their first business package just before the holidays. This family is ready and equipped to have a strong 2019!

Mom 2: Meet Charline. She is the Mom of Dieudeson, a two-year-old who spent five weeks at the center last year. When they arrived at the center, Dieudeson was sick, and it had been over a year since Charline had been able to gain regular income.

 Charline has another child as well as Dieudeson, and was struggling to provide for them. When she arrived, she scored a 48% on the entry exam (which is completely normal given that quality education can be hard to come by in rural Northern Haiti), but after her time at the center, she graduated with a 94%! Charline sees so much change in Dieudeson, and we can see so much change in Charline. This family of three recently received their first income generating business package, which Charline will put to good use to reinforce the positive changes she’s seen in her child.

"Dieudeson’s hair was red and dry, but now it has returned to normal. His stomach, feet, and face were swollen, but now they are normal. He had a fever all the time, but now he feels well. Now he is smiling and playing as he should be." 

Mom 3: Lastly, meet Julande, the 18-year-old mother of Judelin. Before having her son, she was a student. She loves to learn! When she arrived at the center, her son was just one month old and severely underweight. When they arrived, little Judelin needed to go to the hospital to be seen by a doctor and have some blood tests done. Mom was exhausted and struggling, and Judelin was too.

 They graduated from the recovery center with Judelin weighing almost 10 pounds (an 80% increase from his entry weight)! And the icing on the cake: Julande scored 100% on her exit exam! They received an income-generating package this month which will help this motivated young mom to earn money and save for their future.

"Second Mile helped me to cover Judelin’s hospital bills and to get all of the care that we both needed. I found education, milk for my child, food for myself, and a secure place to sleep. He wasn't developing as he should for his age - he was tiny. Now he is gaining weight, developing, and he even smiles!"

We say BRAVO! These women have walked a hard road. They're overcoming poverty, illness, lack of access to education, and SO much more. We will ALWAYS be here to provide services for moms and other caregivers who need help caring for their children. But we have another vision: a future where moms like Judlande, Charline, and Rosenie don’t need Second Mile’s Treatment Center, because their children never become malnourished in the first place.

Right now, you can help make this vision reality by becoming one of our fierce, monthly supporters.

If you want to see healthy moms give birth to healthy kids (that stay healthy) this opportunity is for you. Starting February 25th women who had low-risk pregnancies will have the opportunity to deliver their babies at Strong Start Maternity Center.

For the past 11 months, women have been coming to the Maternity Center with the goal of keeping themselves and their soon-to-be newborns healthy and safe. Now, these women will get a chance to see their newborns into the world here, in the presence of skilled midwives, in a facility committed to care for them with the utmost compassion and respect.

It’s going to be beautiful and hard, messy and glorious. We want you with us.

And we need you with us.

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