Using Multi-Media to Increase Second Mile's Reach in Haiti

Second Mile Haiti believes that everyone should have access to healthcare, nutrition, and education. Without one or more of these elements, life can be unbearably difficult. We work hard every day to ensure that everyone who walks into one of the Second Mile centers has access to all three. But we are just one organization with two centers in a country where the average adult has less than 5 years of schooling, where 22% of children are stunted, one in 20 children are severely malnourished, and the maternal mortality rate is 521 deaths for every 100,000 live births (in the United States, it’s 26. In Iceland, just one).

So at Second Mile, in between tending to births, teaching adult education classes, and working with caregivers and their children, we are dreaming and scheming of a Haiti where everyone has their basic needs met. Staff psychologist Stael had an idea: spread Second Mile’s lessons and practices through videos. That way, we can reach people who are in need of services like the ones we provide at Second Mile but who can’t physically make it to the centers.

Everyone was on board with the idea. The Second Mile psychologists Stael and Louino are in charge of the adult community education program, and the ones taking the lead on the videos project. The plan is to make a series of ten videos that will focus on the topics covered in the adult education curriculum, including nutrition, women’s health, family health, hygiene and sanitation, children’s health, and the environment. So we’re doing what we do best, but in a new format!

Second Mile staff, plus eight community members who have graduated from the community education program have been busy creating and practicing scripts, sketches, songs, and dances. By the amount of energy and passion going into the process of making the videos, we expect the final result to be very fun to watch.

Who doesn’t enjoy watching an entertaining, informative video? Plus, it’s an inclusive way to reach people who may not know how to read. The videos will be distributed via YouTube, WhatsApp, and directly to healthcare providers, clinics, hospitals, and organizations. One is already in production, so stay tuned!