It's that time of year again! The 12 x 12 numbers fundraiser is back for its 7th year in a row! Now is your chance to get involved in this fun, easy, one-day-only fundraiser. 


In case this is your first 12 x 12 experience, or you need just a quick refresher, here's how the fundraiser works: We post the numbers 1 - 144 on the board below on this page, and you help us bring the numbers down by donating in increments of $1 - $144. When all the numbers are accounted for, we'll have raised $10,144! Every penny counts, and it all happens in just one day

So will you help us clear the board and hit our target? To receive live updates and get involved in the fun join our Numbers Fundraiser Facebook event, follow us on Facebook, and Instagram

And if you want, let us know the story behind the numbers you choose to donate!

 The fundraiser will run from Saturday, September 14 — Sunday, September 15. You can donate early to make sure you don't miss your numbers!

use the secure donation form below and leave your numbers in the comments. We’ll take care of the rest!


The 2019 Numbers Board was completely cleared! Thank you so much to everyone who took down numbers and contributed to high-quality holistic healthcare for children, mothers, and families in Haiti! If you just made your way to this page and would like to contribute, you can still do so by using the donation form below.

Thank you infinitely for being a part of the 2019 Second Mile Numbers Fundraiser!