The Farm 

Haiti was once an agricultural haven, and we're trying to connect to those roots. The farm contributes to Second Mile's sustainability for a number of reasons. 


We have a compost plot where we produce nutrient rich soil for the farm and train caregivers in the program on composting. 



Bees act as necessary pollinators for the crops and we sell their honey in local markets. 


We have 40 plant varieties growing on 4 acres. Everything from legumes to mangos, limes to moringa. 



Cow's and goat's milk are used to produce dairy products like yogurt and cheese. (We also eat the goats sometimes too.)


A way to provide daily, nutrient-rich meals for the moms and kids in our program and all staff members.


A place for women and their family members to learn new agriculture techniques and practice growing food


An opportunity to generate income for the organization through the sales of agricultural products

We're all localorganic and natural. No pesticides or artificial fertilizers. No imported seeds. No preservatives. 

+ The farm produced enough food to cover all fruit, vegetable and legume needs for over 10,000 meals at Second Mile in 2014, 17,000 in 2015, 25,000 meals are estimated for 2016. 

+ Since the Moms stay on site Monday-Friday, they don't have time to go to the market before heading home for the weekend. Therefore, we send each caregiver home with a large bag of produce to assure her and her family can eat healthy wholesome meals all weekend long. 

Tending the farm allows us to create stable employment for 8 people, including 5 boys from Streethearts, a partner organization that works to create better futures for boys living on the streets in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. 

Our Social Business

These all natural, hard-to-find products are developed right on our land and sold in local markets. All proceeds go towards business grants for women in the program. Email or contact 509 4761-3848 (english) 509 3852-9965 (kreyol) to order today and have it delivered to your home or workplace!


Harvested from beehives right on our land


Delicious and sweet, especially with our yogurt


Considered a 'super food' packed with minerals and vitamins 



Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil perfect for cooking


 Creamy and smooth


 Filled with probiotics that help with digestion


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