Week 4 - October 6, 2017

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We have started pouring concrete for the phase 1 foundations, whilst the perimeter wall reinforcement ring beam is cast. The quote for the total cost of the clinic and administration came in, as with many construction tenders- high.

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Successes Red.jpg

• We are on schedule with Phase 1, I have been able to spend more time off site working on the next stages and planning budgets, whilst the construction workers take control and responsibility. The quality of work has been good, and comprehension of the bigger picture, personally a satisfying process having worked with the same tradesmen for nearly a year.

• The perimeter wall continues to fly up, and we are ahead of budget on that front.

• The total construction tender was good quality, and included the vast majority of materials, unusual in Haiti.

Challenges red.jpg

• Heavy rainfall has resulted in a lot of mud along the route to site and inside the compound. Fortunately this is drying off quick, and has been at night therefore not particularly affecting progress. We have put plenty of gravel down on the route into the site, to prevent any access issues later in rainy season.

• A very high estimate from the builder has resulted in some panic, and worry about the effect on the latter phases this fall. A serious cost engineering exercise to get us back nearer the total budget has been productive and we are getting there.

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• Discuss the cost implications of the still high Phase 1 construction estimate

• Purchase the blocks and start laying them for Phase 1.

• Quality control perimeter wall and ensure good block laying practices are in place.

• Continue detail design on water tower and education buildings, and get the structural engineer’s input