Week 7 - October 27, 2017

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The block walls of the Prenatal Clinic have now risen up to the top of the windows, meaning a short pause whilst we prepare to cast concrete lintels. At the same time the floors have been levelled, rebar tied and we are preparing the pour the concrete floor. Elsewhere on the site, a barrier of cacti now walls off the rear of the site, whilst the education building and water tower are midway through excavations. We are rushing to complete all foundation work before the typically wet November month.

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• Starting another phase of the project and running it alongside the prenatal clinic is exciting to see. The design for the project is coming to life very quickly. A benefit of the repeatable module which has informed the layout of the entire site, means that with each building - less needs to be explained and more seems familiar, so if anything we’re accelerating.

• The influx of funds meant we are are able to sustain the rate of progress on site by ordering materials far enough in advance. There have been a few ‘gulp’ moments as we make very large orders, but its exciting to be able to plan ahead and keep the pace going.

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• It is still difficult to encourage the builders to plan ahead. We have regular situations where a bit of forethought would have prevented a slight pause in work on one process on the site when materials run out. They are working for a lump sum contract, so it is in their interests, as well as ours to keep the project moving forward at a good speed. 

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• With two national holidays this week, there may be a little less progress, however the next 7-10 days on site are all going to be about pouring concrete. We’re eager to get all the groundworks complete before the heavy rains arrive, which means the education centre, kitchen and water tower foundations, as well as the ground slab for all the prenatal clinic.

• The walls have now reached above window height, so we need to agree a suitable lintel with the engineer and produce them to a high standard.