Week 1 - September 15, 2017

Summary red.jpg

The priority this week has been to have the drawings and descriptions of the standard of work required, complete to the point where the contractor can start pricing the first phase Prenatal Clinic and Administration buildings. At the same time we’ve been organising the digging of a well on the new site, and spoken to the local community about building the perimeter wall.

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Successes Red.jpg

• Award winning structural engineers Webb Yates have agreed to do the structural design and consultation for the project pro bono.

• Good progress has been made on the new well after some initial hiccups.
• The construction schedule of work and drawings are complete and the project is being priced by the contractor/ Bosses.
• Some very useful feedback from Grace, Jenn and SM’s wider advisors on the Birthing Centre led to some good design changes.

• A mason from the local area is calculating the costs of the perimeter wall, with blocks to be made by the local community.

Challenges red.jpg

• Getting a professional service for digging a well is difficult here, and there were some terse conversations with the builder regarding money                                                                         

• Tackling balance between getting the project moving, but wanting to have the right contractor at the right price for the right quality.
• Managing expectations and wanting to get started on site, but lots of leg work to get there.
• Getting the perimeter wall costed accurately, by builders used to just being paid as they go.

Week ahead.jpg

• Agree cost estimate and timescale with contractor and enter construction contract
• Get cost for perimeter wall and start work on site
• Mark out site and identify and problematic trees or other obstructions not already considered

• Complete drilling of well and finish with both electric pump and hand pump