Week 6 - October 20, 2017

Summary red.jpg

Work has been going very quickly on the Prenatal clinic, with the block walls now at window cill height. The other team of workers completed the perimeter wall, as the last sections of the ringbeam were cast. The design of the education building, kitchen and water tower were all developed and their budgets calculated for the next phase of building work.

Successes Red.jpg

The construction strategy - using concrete blocks with reinforcement bar within them, and then filling with concrete - means extremely fast progress that is seeing over 30 people laying blocks together on the site some days. The largest amount we laid in one day was nearly 500 blocks.

• Seeing the perimeter wall completed and the site feeling more enclosed has been an exciting step in the progression of the construction site.

Challenges red.jpg

• At times the progression on site has been so fast that it has been difficult to keep up! Looking ahead to the next stage, whilst also keeping step with the builders on site has been hectic, but the speed of the project progression is very satisfying.

• Some material orders could have been made further in advance, but with the next set of funding now here, this should not be an ongoing problem.

Week ahead.jpg

• The next stage of funding now being in Haiti is really exciting for the progression of the project, many other materials can be purchased to ensure there are no delays on site.

• With the above ground masonry starting, it was very busy on site this last week, but with the work team settling into a rhythm, we can hopefully move onto the education foundations so that we stay on track with that aspect of the project too.