Week 11 - November 24, 2017

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A very long productive week on site was a huge improvement on the frustrating fortnight of rain that preceded it. Education rose up from the ground very quickly, we finally managed to pour the foundations for the water tower, and work started on the Prenatal Clinic and Administration roof.

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• Our largest workforce on site to date and by far the longest week, with many days working from 7am till 6pm and the team choosing to work through Sunday too. Everyone is invested in the project and wanted to make the most of the drier weather.

• The Education block work came up quickly, after we pumped three feet of water out of the foundation trenches.

• Almost all week there was a team repairing the excavations for the water tower and pulling bucket after bucket of mud out. It was a real relief to finally pour the concrete for those foundations for everyone involved.

Pumping rain water out of the trenches.

Pumping rain water out of the trenches.

The walls of the Education Building rise. 

The walls of the Education Building rise. 

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• The Second Mile truck has had a rough time constantly heaving huge quantities to site every day, especially with the condition of the road following the rain. This has been improved through better covered storage on site, and keeping security through the night enabling us to transport larger quantities at one time.

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• The team of carpenters has increased, and we intend to make fast progress on the roof over Administration and the Prenatal Clinic.

• We hope to start both the electrics and the plumbing across the site.

• The Kitchen area will be marked out and the foundations poured for that building and the surrounding terrace.
• With the dry ground some basic landscaping to connect the different buildings will help the general masterplan.

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