Haitans Helping Haitians

1. Haitians Helping Haitians

We're proud to say that we have a 100% national staff that is constantly growing. This means more individuals who wake up with a purpose each day, more families supported by a stable income, and more jobs to help Haiti's economic development. It also means that our beneficiaries are receiving support from someone who speaks the same language, has the same cultural sensitivity and can relate to their struggles. Take a look at Our Team page to learn more about our amazing staff!


We purchase local materials and contract with local stores as much as possible. This helps to keep our overhead costs low, while stimulating Haiti's economy. We estimate that in the year 2015 alone we will spend over $40,00 on materials from local businesses while constructing two new buildings and doubling our capacity. That's a whole lot of local industries, businesses and jobs supported by our purchasing power!


In addition to the traditional private and public donations, we subsidize our project by selling all natural food products developed on our farm. In the year 2015 we will construct a "sustainability building" allowing for larger-scale production of  nutritious, hard-to-find foods, like yogurt, cheese, honey, and coconut oil which will be sold locally. All proceeds from these projects will go towards supporting the families in our program, and assuring that our doors are always open. Learn more about our agricultural projects here .


 We believe in giving people the tools to support themselves, rather than depending on hand outs or temporary assitance. Our program requires committed participation from the caregiver in exchange for comprehensive medical treatment of her child. This gives her the opportunity to change her own destiny and that of her family.


No matter what situation a caregiver comes from, we meet them right were they're at. No judgments. No criticizing.  No "you can't". Just support, compassion and love. 



We're here to support the growth of Haiti, and believe that collaboration with other local organizations is the best way to do that. We treat malnutrition using locally produced therapeutic foods from Meds and Food for Kids, cook all of our meals with eco-friendly green charcoal made by Carbon Roots, hire at-risk street kids from Streethearts to work in our gardens, and even poo in composting toilets made by Soil.  Want to partner with us? Email us to find out how we can work together. 


7INvesting in Technology

We care about how our program data is collected, stored and reported which is why we invest in having technology on site, accessible to our staff. Our internally designed database is centrally accessible to our health and education teams through the use of iPads. Using the iPads staff update each child’s file in the database with progress photos and information including interviews with the child’s caregiver to build a history and better understand the unique needs of the family.

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