Week 10 - November 17, 2017

Summary red.jpg

The continuing rain has caused further challenges with work regularly having to halt mid afternoon. The last lintels have been poured for the windows, and the remaining block work is in progress. Meanwhile the rebar workers have got ahead with preparation for the water tower and the front columns of Prenatal. Unfortunately this is the first week we have not worked six days, the heavy rain led to us closing site in the hope it could dry up a little over the weekend.

Successes Red.jpg

• The cement render work is moving forward continuously and there is still a large team on site working with the concrete.

• A temporary roof is being erected above administration to protect materials within and allow overnight security to keep an eye on things.

• The first blocks started to be laid for education, with an innovative technique of blocks being used to form reinforced columns, being used to enable fast and efficient building.

Challenges red.jpg

• The rain has caused a number of issues on site: cement render has been washed off walls after a days work to fix it; the education foundations have filled with water before enough blocks could be laid; and the entire site has a mixture of thick mud and standing water.

• Understandably the lead contractor has been concerned that his labour contract is being somewhat wasted as often only a half days work is possible, and all the workers will expect a full days pay.

• Transporting materials from New Start to Strong Start has been difficult, and it has been difficult to balance keeping materials dry and not having to pass the route to many times daily.

Week ahead.jpg

• With no clear sign of the rain stopping, we will need to adopt some alternative strategies, such as temporary coverings for some buildings and for material storage on site. We also hope to hire a water pump to enable us to proceed with the currently flooded foundations of Education and the water tower.

• The timber roof has drifted behind schedule and we need to start this coming week to make up time.